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How to enroll in Medicare online

How to Enroll in Medicare Online

Where do I go and what information will I need to enroll for Medicare online?

Basic steps to enroll in Medicare online:

  1.  You will want to create and account at Social Security.  Go to www.ssa.gov
  2.  You will need your basic information (name, address, social, date of birth, etc).  You may need your driver’s license and or proof of citizenship as well.
  3.  You will want to decide before enrolling what you will enroll in.  You can enroll in Medicare only (and not draw social security payments), or Medicare Part A only, or Medicare Part A & Part B.

If you miss your time to enroll, you risk a Part B premium surcharge or penalty.

You are eligible to enroll in Medicare online if:

  • You are at least 64 years and 9 months old;
  • You do not currently have ANY Medicare coverage;
  • You do not want to start receiving Social Security benefits at this time; and
  • You are not currently receiving Social Security retirement, disability or survivors benefits.

Q: When do I need to enroll in Medicare online?

A: Enrolling in Medicare online is easy.   Your initial enrollment period (IEP) for Medicare lasts seven months.  It begins three months before the month of your 65th birthday and ends three months after that month. During those seven months, you can sign up for Medicare online. It is fairly simple and should take less than 15-20 minutes.

Steps for Enrolling in Medicare online

There are other ways to enroll in Medicare, you don’t have to enroll online however if you want to save time, online is probably the best way to go.

  1.  First, you will want to create an account on the Social Security Administration’s web site. You don’t have to sign up to receive Social Security benefits now if that is not your plan.  You will be asked if you want to enroll in Medicare Only or both during the signup process.
  2.  Second, you will enter in your basic info such as name, address, and telephone number, and of course you will need your Social Security number. You may need additional information to help identify you, such as your birth certificate, driver’s license, or proof of U.S. citizenship if you weren’t born in the U.S.

Q:  Do I enroll in Medicare’s Part A or Part A and Part B?

A:  This is a tricky question because there are a lot of factors that may come into play.  Part A pays for hospital care, and Parts B pays for outpatient and physician services. Part B covers things like office visits, preventive care, and lab work, but it also covers services such as chemotherapy, radiation, and kidney dialysis.

Part A is free (as long as you have worked enough calendar quarters), however you will pay a premium to enroll in Part B.  If you are still working and/or you are covered by a group health plan through your employer, it may be to your advantage to enroll in Part A only, which doesn’t charge a premium. If your spouse is the one with the group coverage, you will need their employment information to complete the application.   The rule is, as long as you are still working and have creditable group health coverage, you don’t need to worry about the Part B premium surcharge, it is waived.  You will have a special enrollment period to sign up for Medicare later on.

Q:  I didn’t enroll on time, what is the Part B Premium surcharge penalty?

A:  If you missed your initial enrollment period (IEP) to sign up, you can do so later on. The surcharge penalty is calculated like this: For each 12-month period you’re eligible for coverage but don’t apply, you’ll risk a 10% surcharge on your Part B premiums.

Enrolling on time not only saves you money, but ensure that you have coverage when you need it.

For more help on the enrollment process for Medicare online, call us at 877-740-8683 or email info@fbsagency.com  We will be happy to assist and get you in the right direction.