How to Qualify for a Subsidy


Wondering what a subsidy is and if you qualify?  Basically a subsidy is money from the government that you can use to help lower your premiums on health insurance, or lower you out-of-pocket costs on your health insurance.  You could be eligible for lower costs based on your income and household size. If your estimated 2019 income is above the figures below, you generally won’t qualify:

$ 48,560 for an individual    OR      $ 100,400 for a family of 4

The lower your income, the lower your costs. If your income is close to these limits your savings will be less.  NOTE*** If you are in a state that didn’t expand Medicaid, like Texas, you must at least make the amount in the 1st column.

Use the chart below to figure out if you can qualify for lower insurance costs.  Find your household size and income level and you will quickly see if you will be eligible for a lower rate.

Think you qualify?

If you feel you may qualify for a “subsidy” or lower insurance payment, complete the 2 fields below and we will contact you to discuss your specific subsidy amount and establish your account.

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