No Obamacare

What is Obamacare

Everyone is asking … What is Obamacare?

Most people don’t want Obamacare because their doctors will not take it.  I want to clarify something …

Obamacare is NOT an “insurance plan”. 

The term “obamacare” is referring mostly to HMO plans, and there are very few doctors taking the HMO plans (with any insurance company).   The reason why most doctors don’t want to take the HMO or Obamacare as it’s called, boils down to money.  Basically the insurance companies pay the doctors less money to treat patients who have those policies.  In addition, there can be more restrictions to the types of treatment the doctors can provide even to the extent that someone at the insurance company may determine what is “medically necessary” NOT YOUR DOCTOR.

The insurance you buy “on the exchange” at is still insured by the insurance companies.   It is the same insurance that you would buy “off the exchange” either direct with the company or through an agency like us.  Same price, same benefits, same networks.  We generally tell people only buy “on the exchange” if you are applying for a subsidy or want help paying the premiums for the insurance.  Otherwise, just buy direct with the insurance companies through and agent and then your information isn’t being sent to the government.

The Obama administration made the laws that all the insurance companies have to follow.  Therefore all insurance plans have to provide certain benefits.  The doctors are kind of misleading the public by saying they won’t accept Obamacare, but I think it is more of an education issue rather than intentionally misleading.

When purchasing your insurance this year, you want to make sure to check the networks.  If your doctor is listed in the network for that insurance company then he takes the insurance.  If you need help determining which plan to choose, or which plan your doctor will accept, go to and get help.

If you are still confused, just stick with a PPO plan, you shouldn’t have any doctor calling it Obamacare!

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