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With all the changes in health care, a lot of our customers can now qualify for coverage as a small business.  If you would like to see if you can qualify, complete this short request form and someone will contact you shortly.

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Many small business people in Texas have individual health insurance policies.  Unfortunately, a lot of people have lost their PPO and forced to go on an HMO with outrageous.  Texas insurers are allowing us to offer a Participation and Contribution Holiday from November 15th to December 15th.  Your policy will become effective on January 1, 2018.  This “Holiday” will allow us to offer small business with less than 50 employees a group policy without the normal participation requirement of 75% employee and at least 50% of the premiums paid by the employer.   As long as you meet the General Qualifications, and you have at least one w-2 employee, we could possibly cover just two people in the company.

General Qualifications:
1. Must have at least 2 employees and no more than 50.
2.  Must be able to show Proof of business to include :
• Most current quarterly wage report from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC)
– OR – All pages of any of the following documents filed with the state:
• Articles of incorporation
• Articles of organization
• Certificate of organization
• Certificate of limited partnership
• Limited liability company organizational documents
Sole Proprietors may need to submit additional documents such as:
• Profit or Loss from business (IRS Form-Schedule C)
• Net Profit From Business (IRS From-Schedule C-EZ)
• Self-Employment Tax Schedule SE (IRS Form-Schedule SE)
3.  Must be able to show proof of wages:
• The quarterly wage report from the TWC
– OR –
• The most recent quarterly payroll reports, which must include the company name, and show the number of employees for each month in the prior quarter (at least three months)
– OR
• W-2s for existing employees, or W-4s for new hires
• When a new hire is acquired to establish two eligible employees, 30 days of payroll is required for the new employee
• 1099 forms are an acceptable proof of wages for contract employees
– Groups must have 1 eligible enrolling employee prior to offering coverage to a 1099 employee
– If the employer offers coverage to 1099 employees, these employees would follow the same eligibility requirements as W2 employees

Additional requirements may need to be met if the business is a sole-proprietor or where all employees are owner/operators.

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